Thursday 22 December 2011

Conference Videos: Who needs pyrotechnics when you've got a good idea?

Most conferences use an opening video to establish a theme and ease the audience into a day of information. In this post we'll discuss why a successful conference video is all about an effective idea.

‘She abruptly ends her tortured soliloquy. Tears streaming down her face, she hurls herself from the stricken plane. The parachute unfurls to reveal the company’s logo in all its glory.’

Now that would be a conference video to hook people in. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to happen. When writing conference videos, the budget influences every line of the script. We’re frequently asked to work without a voice over and with library pictures and music.

Lights, cameras, animation
The same restrictions apply down the animation route. There’s a big difference between Toy Story and a jazzy PowerPoint presentation. That saidthere’s a happy medium somewhere in between. Give the film characters and a little narrative and the audience is more likely to be hooked. 

Check out these three animations we scripted for a Unilever Global Leader’s conference by clicking here. They show the marketing potential of mobile devices in different cultures around the world.

We don’t have the budget
Not enough budget for animation or live action? With a good idea, you can still make a compelling video with just stock photography and music. Here’s one we wrote for Novartis to convey the idea of not missing out on opportunities that exist right now and making the most of a great team.

So, to sum up: you can convey messages, set up conference themes and engage audiences with a video if you hook the audience's interest. You don’t need a lavish budget, just a good idea and a few narrative tricks. That means characters, a little story, a bit of suspense and a dash of humour. Done. 

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